Friday, October 12, 2007

Rails' ruby script/console has tab completion!

While I recently found out about Ruby's 'methods' method, I also found that Rails' "ruby script/console" will do tab completion:

>> a =
=> []
>> a.
Display all 157 possibilities? (y or n)
a.fetch a.method a.slice
a.__id__ a.fill a.methods a.slice!
a.__send__ a.find a.min a.sort
a.all? a.find_all a.nil? a.sort!
a.any? a.first a.nitems a.sort_by
a.assoc a.flatten a.object_id a.split a.flatten! a.pack a.subclasses_of
a.b64encode a.freeze a.partition a.sum
a.blank? a.frozen? a.pop a.suppress
a.class a.gem a.pretty_inspect a.taguri
a.clear a.grep a.pretty_print a.taguri=
a.clone a.group_by a.pretty_print_cycle a.taint
a.collect a.hash a.pretty_print_inspect a.tainted?
a.collect! a.pretty_print_instance_variables a.to_a
a.compact a.in_groups_of a.private_methods a.to_ary
a.compact! a.include? a.protected_methods a.to_default_s
a.concat a.index a.public_methods a.to_formatted_s
a.copy_instance_variables_from a.index_by a.push a.to_json
a.daemonize a.indexes a.rassoc a.to_param
a.dclone a.indices a.reject a.to_s
a.decode64 a.inject a.reject! a.to_sentence
a.decode_b a.insert a.remove_subclasses_of a.to_set
a.delete a.inspect a.replace a.to_xml
a.delete_at a.instance_eval a.require a.to_yaml
a.delete_if a.instance_exec a.require_gem a.to_yaml_properties
a.detect a.instance_of? a.require_library_or_gem a.to_yaml_style
a.display a.instance_values a.respond_to? a.transpose
a.dup a.instance_variable_get a.returning a.type
a.each a.instance_variable_set a.reverse a.uniq
a.each_index a.instance_variables a.reverse! a.uniq!
a.each_with_index a.is_a? a.reverse_each a.unloadable
a.empty? a.join a.rindex a.unshift
a.enable_warnings a.kind_of? a.untaint
a.encode64 a.last a.send a.values_at
a.entries a.length a.shift a.with_options
a.eql? a.load a.silence_stderr a.yaml_initialize
a.equal? a.silence_stream
a.extend! a.silence_warnings
a.extend_with_included_modules_from a.max a.singleton_methods
a.extended_by a.member? a.size

Unfortunately the same thing doesn't work for the irb. Of course you can always


to see the same information.

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