Saturday, October 20, 2007

LDS General Conference Podcast RSS feed

LDS General Conference audio and video is available via podcast!

After watching conference the LDS General Conference at the beginning of October, I really wanted to download all the talks via an RSS feed. I didn't see one available right away, so I considered making my own. Fortunately, I found that an official podcast does exist. Its just not publicized well by the Church.

MP3 audio:


This should get you the most recent General Conference. If you haven't used RSS before, you just need to give either (or both) of the above feed URLs to a podcast downloader (such as iTunes). The downloader will download all the current talks, and theoretically, will download the new talks next conference.

As an unrelated side note, is actually hosted by feedburner. Thanks to ldswebguy for originally posting these podcast feeds.

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  1. me and my sister loves podcasting, we do love to podcast our daily activities and our hobbies ;;